-you can see hunting with them for all kinds of animals including big ones like kudu,baboons,warthog,vervet monkeys,
-you can taste any barbeque
eg,dik dik, baboon,impalla,kudu,
-you can see how they live in the rocks during the rainy season
-you can see their temporal huts made out of branches of trees-during the summer season,you can also participate in building the huts
-you can learn poisonous arrows and how to make poison from barks of the trees,normally takes a whole day
-you can experience collection of bush fruits including baobab fruits
-you can collect yams(kind of bush potatoes) with mamas in the ground
-you can see cultural dancing’s
-you can see special jackets made out of fresh baboon skin
-you can see how they make fire
-you can see and experience the style of smoking,local cigarette pipes including the formation of it
-you can see how mamas make jewelry,of different kinds made out of skin of animals /trees from the bushes
you can learn varieties of medicines from them through trees,leaves,stomach problems,gonorrhea,syphilis,ma laria,anti mosquito repellent,you can also participate in making the medicines
They have cows,donkeys,goats,sheep,
you can see and join how mamas milk the cows,the making of a local butter by using collubus
you can also cultural celebrations like wedding if at all your days are confirmed and if i check the similarity days of a meeting with you
-You can see culturally made house made out of trees and the wall made out soil mixed with cow dung
-you can experience the best women skin dressings made out of goat skin
-you can see cultural dressings,including cultural dancing’s
-you can see skin mattress (cow skin)
-you can see kind of house fenced (fenced house)
to protect their cows from hungry hyenas and leopards
-you see their jewelry
-you can experience the local beer made out of honey,allover roots/water
prepared in the big Calabash fermented in 24hrs near fire,& is not allowed to be sold only for wedding ,ancestral prayers /and for special guest only are allowed to use ,you also participate in making it ,usually it is being used for happy days celebration,wedding,old fortune tellers ancestral prayers ,circumcision ,and used for disciplinary action for people against the culture as they have cultural court
-You can see their industry of making arrows/,rings/knives/hoes/brac elets /
made out of scrappers of iron ,copper, aluminum,brass,, from the garages ,cities,homes of the local people
this people are very potential for all society as they do share their products with all people including bushmen
this is local industry,
You see bellow skins for melting iron product

you can see local brew made out of maize flour ,millet flour,make a dough
out of that,ferment for 2 days ,then toast the dough in a big frying pan ,then mix with water ferment again for two days ,from that point you are ready to use it ,for celebrations,business,getting people together ,
you can see the wooden refinery local ways of peeling the maize
,then the maize mixed with beans cooked together to make very taste local food,
you see and process the making of ugali=pulenta=
You can learn and participate the local fishing wooden boats,traps,fishing nets.

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